Peter Crouch – New Portsmouth Star

Premiership and sometimes England striker Peter Crouch was photographed relaxing aboard a sailboat just off the coast of Ibiza recently. He was enjoying the afternoon with his model girlfriend, Abbey Clancy. The pair has been dating since 2006. They’ve been an item long enough for Clancy to be referred to by British press as an official ‘WAG’.

Peter Crouch has had a notable football career since his first professional stint with Spurs in 1998. His football days go much further back than that though. Crouch has played soccer almost since he could walk. He was also taken regularly to games as a child by his father. It seems as though a soccer career was inevitable for Crouch.

Crouch is often noted more for his presence on the field than for his playing ability. At six feet, seven inches tall he appears to have been more suited physically for basketball. Naturally, height plays as an advantage in almost any sport. Crouch certainly uses his. He is the tallest man to date to have ever played for England. He is currently one of the tallest players in the Premier League.

Peter Crouch is known by several nicknames among football supporters. ‘Crouchie’ and ‘Pantera Rosa’ (‘Pink Panther’) are among them. More recently he has been referred to as ‘RoboCrouch’ and ‘Mr. Roboto’. These nicknames were granted, at least in part, because of a publicity stunt on the soccer field. In 2006 Crouch began performing his now famous ‘robotic dance’ after scoring goals. The dance, meant to be a parody, began to be requested by teammates and even Prince William. Soon fans all over Europe and the UK were imitating Crouch’s robo-dance. Crouch himself soon tired of the dance though. He believed it would eventually become a source of tedium and mockery. He did however appease his fans by promising in 2007 to perform it again only if he scored in the UEFA Champions League Final.

Dance or no dance, Peter Crouch still has a loyal fan base. Crouch now plays for Portsmouth Football Club in England. Some of his fan base may also be attributed to his famous girlfriend. It certainly doesn’t hurt one’s athletic career to be dating a model. Clancy’s career has also blossomed since joining the WAG (Wives and Girlfriends) ‘club’. She has been featured in numerous magazines and has hosted talk shows and documentaries on fashion and the industry.

If he and Abbey decide to visit Ibiza again for a holiday, Portsmouth is well located for flights with both Southampton and Bournemouth airports closeby, and Heathrow and Gatwick are about an hour away.

The couple are under the media radar for the most part. They tend to prefer to keep the details of their relationship private and don’t deliberately invite gratuitous media attention. Their high-powered relationship has undeniably benefited both their careers though. It’s hard for them to avoid being followed by cameras, even on a quiet Spain holiday.

Other celebrities who have been sighted on Spain holidays recently include Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Kate Moss. It’s little wonder that the stars flock to Ibiza and other areas for a Spain holiday. The balmy weather, beautiful geography and abundance of luxurious accommodations make a Spain holiday tantalizing. It will undoubtedly continue to draw the likes of Peter Crouch and other celebrities for years to come.

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